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Kent Salmen

42 Year Old Hard Working Male that is tired of the BS going on.

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I am a 42 year old male that believed in God, family, and country. I believe that hard work should be rewarded and lazyness should suffer the consequences. I don't care about your sexual preferences as long as it does not involve children or is paraded in the street. If you believe in God thats fine and if you don't, then go to hell. It's a free choice and I am not going to beat you over the head about it. I believe in charity, but I give from my own pocket and give to who I deem worthy. I don't reward bad behavor and don't give from other peoples pockets. I believe in living by example. I lead by example, I give by example, and I work by example. I don't care if you are red, yellow, black, or white. If you act like a turd expect to be treated like a turd. Everyone has been victimized at one point in life but you don't have to live life as a victim. I don't care if the leader is Republican or Democrat if they are wrong, they are wrong. I don't believe government is the solution I believe it is the problem. This country has too many good people that keep silent and let the minority of moorons run the asylum. I believe that if you are dumb enough to open your mouth and share your stupidity you should be willing to hear a reply. I am not always correct but if you can provide an intelligent reason why I am not, I am willing to change my mind. I will not tell you to do somthing I am not willing to do myself. I don't drink, smoke or take illegal drugs. I don't care if you do but don't ask me to pay for them and don't complain for being fired if it affects you job. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are a right but attaining these is your responsibility and not an obligation of mine. I believe in living in peace but if you come to my house to harm or steal from me, be prepare to leave in a body bag. It's your choice. May God give you the wisdon to make the right decisions and the sterength to carry them out.
Kent Salmen